Saturday, June 23, 2012

Capturing Clinics

(click on one of the photos to open enlarged images)

....yes, I have been to a lot of horsemanship clinics in the past couple of years...I picked a few photos that seemed to capture the feel of the clinics...

Paul Dietz~~Draper, Utah

Paul Dietz clinic

Paul Dietz

Liz Graves~~ Erda, Utah clinic

Liz Graves

Liz Graves, showing a saddle fitting

Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson

Alan Connor

Liz Graves comforting a stressed Paso Fino

Jimmy Smith~~Heber, Utah

Mark Rashid~~ Bluff, Utah

Mark Rashid~~Bluff, Utah
Judy Nelson with Mark Rashid~~Fruita, Colorado

Mark Rashid~~Fruita, Colorado

Mark Rashid, even cleans up his horse's deposits.

Reata Brannaman~~Alder, Montana

Buck Brannaman~~Alder, Montana

Buck Brannaman,~~Alder, Montana

Horsemanship 1~~Alder, Montana

Betty Staley~~Alder, Montana

Craig Staley~~Alder, Montana

Thea and her Andalusian Stallion,~~Alder, Montana